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Jesus in a Nutshell

Jesus in a Nutshell is a parody of the (excellent) "Java in a Nutshell" O'Reilly book.

Project date: Late 1997.

It was late 1997, the dotcom craze was in full swing, and O'Reilly Media published a new 2nd edition of the excellent Java in a Nutshell book. It had the characteristic wood-block design on the front, with a tiger:

Something (I am not sure what) inspired me to do a parody of the cover, with a religious theme. So this inspired Jesus in a Nutshell
Tools used in this project:
  • Corel Photo Paint
  • Flatbed scanner
  • Java in a Nutshell book
  • Image of a painting
Basically I just scanned the cover of the book, removed the tiger image, and used the eyedropper and paint bucket to clear the text areas. Then, except for the image, it was just a matter of adding replacement text with approximately the correct fonts.

The image originates from a picture of this painting

I just traced the image of his head, then applied a B&W dithering to make it look a little like a wood block print.

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