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Best Companies Parody

Best Companies is a parody of the annual Fortune Magazine survey of the Best Companies to Work For. It is a parody of the front cover of the 2003 edition.

Project date: October 2007

The company I work for has placed in Fortune Magazine's annual survey of the "Best Companies to Work For" for the past few years.

That's well and good, but lately they've been touting it internally on a bulletin board featuring front covers of the Fortune magazines. I decided the time was ripe for an early entry for 2008.

I decided to parody the cover of the 2003 edition, which looks like this

with Dilbert and a few unrelated headlines.

I didn't bother to stay too consistent, just kept the approximate color scheme and wanted to capture the overall spirit of the cover, sporting a confused-looking Homer Simpson rather than Dilbert:

The goal was to print a cover and place it on the bulletin board, in hopes that it might survive for a few days before being noticed and pulled down. Stay tuned.

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